Genshin Impact PS5 and The Great Ace Attorney Have Been Rated

An array of titles, some of which are unannounced, has been rated by the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee. The list of games rated by the committee includes a Genshin Impact PS5 release and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. [Thanks, Gematsu!]

At the moment, Genshin Impact is only available for PlayStation 4, PC, iOS, and Android. There is a Nintendo Switch version in development, but the existence of a native PlayStation 5 Genshin Impact has yet to be officially announced.

In terms of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, news of its potential existence spread back in November of 2020 when a third party used ransomware by Ragnar Locker to gain unauthorized access to Capcom’s data. The third party was able to access personal information of employees and business partners as well as data about in-development projects. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, if released, would be a collection featuring the Nintendo 3DS games, The Great Ace Attorney and The Great Ace Attorney 2.

Ratings also appeared for Secret Neighbor and Tales from the Borderlands for the Nintendo Switch. In the past, ratings have appeared ahead of unannounced games that were ultimately released as shadowdrops, but it is worth noting that that isn’t always the case.

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